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(Theo) my mun is making me get molested. ack
(Theo) *cries*
(Brytta) :D ::feels you up a little::
(Theo) it's your damned great uncle that's threatening this o.o
(Brytta) He's just being friendly
(Theo) I'll cry
(Brytta) He might have to "comfort" you even more then
(Theo) ...*hides*
(Brytta) Don't worry! It might not be as bad as you think ::ruffles Theo's hair::
(Theo) ...

(Brytta) ::ponders:: I wonder how quickly Gram will grow up
(Theo) he has no journal. he's probably doomed to youth
(Brytta) Hmm. Then I will have to wait a while before I can take him out to enjoy the people of Rohan
(Theo) *patpat* Find that Haleth kid and make him a replacement :D
(Brytta) I'm waiting for Walda to show up
(Theo) Ah, bonding
(Brytta) Incidently, have you seen the public service announcement video about Helm?
(Brytta) It's about the many ways he will molest you
(Theo) ...*cries*
(Brytta) It's quite entertaining really. You should take a look
(Theo) >.> where?
(Brytta) VCR. Right over there ::points::
(Theo) this will traumatize me, won't it?
(Brytta) I seem to be quite fine after viewing.
(Theo) this obviously got bred out of the line somewhere
(Brytta) I think perhaps I am unique
(Theo) Quite possibly. How many greats are attached to your grandfatherly title?
(Brytta) I'm not quite sure. I'm guessing...enough
(Theo) enough for what?
(Brytta) For the random genetic mutation to crop up again
(Theo) o.o
(Brytta) :D
(Theo) *hides*
(Brytta) Want to help me put Dad into women's clothes while he sleeps?
(theo) yes :D
(Brytta) You'd think he'd learn that it always happens when he crashes in my room. hehehe
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