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Having claimed his father's body, Brytta sets about making the arrangements for disposing of the body properly.

I'm not cut out for italics.

A life-size wooden horse is a bit of a bugger to find in this place, but I have one and Dad's propped up on top of it with his stuff... sword, shield, dresses, etc. all suitably drenched in lighter fluid.

Firi: Brytta, I'm so sorry. ;_; *hugs*

bryttaleofa: hugging. inappropriate thoughts. oops.
bryttaleofa: um yes
bryttaleofa: Me too.
Firi: I want to help see him off, if you wouldn't mind....
bryttaleofa: I don't mind at all.
bryttaleofa: You can light the fire
Firi: I.... o.o thank you...
bryttaleofa: Better do it quick before he falls off.
bryttaleofa: *hands you some matches*
Firi: *lights them and then the horse, saying a goodbye prayer as she does so*
bryttaleofa: *watches and thinks of inappropriate puns*
bryttaleofa: Eulogy time I guess.
Firi: *squeezes her eyes shut and turns around, unable to watch*
bryttaleofa: Dad, was... a hunk of burning love. And looked good in a dress.
bryttaleofa: Seriously though... he was a good man
bryttaleofa: a good Dad
bryttaleofa: and a good friend
bryttaleofa: It's rather unusual to experience your father's death twice
bryttaleofa: but I am glad that I was there to see him off both times
Firi: *nods slightly* He was a good man....
Firi: His loss will be felt long after today...
bryttaleofa: *nods*
bryttaleofa: I should scatter the ashes on his other grave.
Firi: *sniffles and nods*
bryttaleofa: *hands you a tissue*
bryttaleofa: Wait
bryttaleofa: not that one. *hands you a new tissue*
Firi: Thank you. *wipes her eyes and blows her nose* It's just... hard to believe he's gone...
bryttaleofa: I.. guess it is for you.
bryttaleofa: It's... not so hard for me. Although I didn't think that he'd be gone so quickly.
Firi: *slight nod, wipes her tears again* He shouldn't have died...
bryttaleofa: Not this way at least.
Firi: No, not this way... It should have been peaceful for him.

bryttaleofa: *Watches the pyre*
Firi: *covers her eyes, still sniffling, and waits for it to finish*


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