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2008-05-23 07:40 pm
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In lieu of a welcoming committee taking me for drinks, I went for drinks on my own. There's a nice little Irish pub...somewhere I don't remember and they have the best barmaids selection of fine ales.

I may have overindulged. :D

I may still be in a state of overindulgence. ;)
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2008-05-12 11:28 pm
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I could do with a nice cool mug of mead.

I got accosted again, by the worst welcoming committee ever.

Eonwe: *peeks at Brytta*
Brytta: *eyes Eonwe who has so far not introduced himself FOR SHAME*
Eonwe: hello!
Brytta: It's you again.
Eonwe: It is I!
Brytta: You're a terrible welcoming committee.
in which Rohirric welcoming practices are mentioned. ;) )
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2008-05-04 09:10 pm
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I know I should have paid more attention in history. And geography. All I know is that it's not Rohan.

And how the hell did I get here from Rohan anyway?

And then while being incredibly unhelpful, my complete failure of a welcoming committee DISAPPEARED.
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2008-04-27 03:55 pm
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Somehow, I don't think I'm in Rohan any more.

There I was, minding my own business, hunting orcs and then that blasted horse Toto got spooked by an unusual loud noise and dashed into the forest.

He must have thrown me and buggered off.

Unless he dragged me in front of this gate first.

I bet it's that mare he was eyeing that put him up to it. head hurts. :(
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2008-01-01 07:05 pm
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All entries previous to this are the business of MESPT. :D
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2004-03-30 05:30 pm
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[ooc: look! italics! the gamgee spawn doesn't even do italics anymore]

Having claimed his father's body, Brytta sets about making the arrangements for disposing of the body properly.

I'm not cut out for italics.

A life-size wooden horse is a bit of a bugger to find in this place, but I have one and Dad's propped up on top of it with his stuff... sword, shield, dresses, etc. all suitably drenched in lighter fluid.

Firi: Brytta, I'm so sorry. ;_; *hugs*
Read more... )
bryttaleofa: *Watches the pyre*
Firi: *covers her eyes, still sniffling, and waits for it to finish*
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2004-03-23 10:15 am
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[ooc: I almost forgot. Poor Brytta.]

*arrives in Minas Tirith*

*wonders where Dad might be*
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2004-03-13 04:13 pm
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[ooc: I suspect Brytta is still in Rohan - so uh...let's say a little bird told him or something]


Dad's dead then...

I guess I should go and claim him then.

*mounts not that kind of mounts horse and rides for Minas Tirith*
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2004-03-13 01:49 pm
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I've been... *busy*

You may have been wondering where I have been for a while, well, other than pleasing the people of Rohan, I made my big screen debut.

Who would have thought that necrophiliac incest could be so much fun and surprisingly unmessy?

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2004-01-10 11:25 am
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I am not a ferret anymore.

That was interesting.

Who knew that ferrets were that furry?

Well, I certainly do now. ;)

Exciting news! I have a paid account now. Which I would have mention earlier but I was busy ;). And a ferret.
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2004-01-08 09:11 pm
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Hot Ferret Lovin'


::spies cute ferrets in need of "comforting"::

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2003-12-15 12:14 pm
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Nudity is a blessing from Eru


I seem to be naked. As are all the lovely people of Rohan.

Perhaps I should see if anyone needs a hand. ;)
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2003-09-29 08:56 am
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I have a cute decendant

(Theo) my mun is making me get molested. ack
(Theo) *cries*
(Brytta) :D ::feels you up a little::
(Theo) it's your damned great uncle that's threatening this o.o
(Brytta) He's just being friendly
(Theo) I'll cry
(Brytta) He might have to "comfort" you even more then
(Theo) ...*hides*
(Brytta) Don't worry! It might not be as bad as you think ::ruffles Theo's hair::
(Theo) ...
in which Theo gets traumatised some more )
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2003-09-19 09:31 pm
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Brytta to the rescue!

You may have noticed my absence recently. There really is no need for concern. I'm just being a good citizen and rescuing some damsels in distress from their clothing. ;)
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2003-09-04 10:00 pm
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"Quality Time"

I met a charming young lady earlier. We walked in the gardens, conversed over fine wine and delightful food and spent some quality time together. ;)

Unfortunately, it seems as if her brother does not approve of "quality time" with his lovely sister. I fear I must make him see the error of his ways and the benefits of "quailty time" :)
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2003-08-21 10:41 pm
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Accordians are underrated


I have come to the conclusion that it seems to be a little quieter around here now. Quiet is good.

However sometimes quiet can do with a little... noise.

::picks up an accordian::

::proceeds to serenade the Steward's quarters::
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2003-08-08 11:01 am
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I love helpful people

You know, there are some very helpful people here. Especially in the kitchens. ;)
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2003-08-02 07:31 pm
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Life is peachy. You know? It really is. Especially for me. ;)

Many things appear to have changed since I was last on the scene. Still, it's all good and there are lovely people all over the place.

And Dad is getting married. I am looking forward to spending some quality time assisting the bridemaids with their dresses. Have I mentioned that I'm good with buttons, hooks, zips and buckles as well as a whole assortment of other fastenings? I can be very...handy. ;)
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2003-07-31 08:46 pm
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So, what's shakin'?

My adoring people, I, Brytta LĂ©ofa, return.

I'd call it the second coming, but you know, I'm a multiple orgasm kind of guy.