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All entries previous to this are the business of MESPT. :D
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Having claimed his father's body, Brytta sets about making the arrangements for disposing of the body properly.

I'm not cut out for italics.

A life-size wooden horse is a bit of a bugger to find in this place, but I have one and Dad's propped up on top of it with his stuff... sword, shield, dresses, etc. all suitably drenched in lighter fluid.

Firi: Brytta, I'm so sorry. ;_; *hugs*
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bryttaleofa: *Watches the pyre*
Firi: *covers her eyes, still sniffling, and waits for it to finish*
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*arrives in Minas Tirith*

*wonders where Dad might be*
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Dad's dead then...

I guess I should go and claim him then.

*mounts not that kind of mounts horse and rides for Minas Tirith*
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You may have been wondering where I have been for a while, well, other than pleasing the people of Rohan, I made my big screen debut.

Who would have thought that necrophiliac incest could be so much fun and surprisingly unmessy?

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That was interesting.

Who knew that ferrets were that furry?

Well, I certainly do now. ;)

Exciting news! I have a paid account now. Which I would have mention earlier but I was busy ;). And a ferret.
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::spies cute ferrets in need of "comforting"::

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I seem to be naked. As are all the lovely people of Rohan.

Perhaps I should see if anyone needs a hand. ;)
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(Theo) my mun is making me get molested. ack
(Theo) *cries*
(Brytta) :D ::feels you up a little::
(Theo) it's your damned great uncle that's threatening this o.o
(Brytta) He's just being friendly
(Theo) I'll cry
(Brytta) He might have to "comfort" you even more then
(Theo) ...*hides*
(Brytta) Don't worry! It might not be as bad as you think ::ruffles Theo's hair::
(Theo) ...
in which Theo gets traumatised some more )
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You may have noticed my absence recently. There really is no need for concern. I'm just being a good citizen and rescuing some damsels in distress from their clothing. ;)
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I met a charming young lady earlier. We walked in the gardens, conversed over fine wine and delightful food and spent some quality time together. ;)

Unfortunately, it seems as if her brother does not approve of "quality time" with his lovely sister. I fear I must make him see the error of his ways and the benefits of "quailty time" :)
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I have come to the conclusion that it seems to be a little quieter around here now. Quiet is good.

However sometimes quiet can do with a little... noise.

::picks up an accordian::

::proceeds to serenade the Steward's quarters::
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You know, there are some very helpful people here. Especially in the kitchens. ;)
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Many things appear to have changed since I was last on the scene. Still, it's all good and there are lovely people all over the place.

And Dad is getting married. I am looking forward to spending some quality time assisting the bridemaids with their dresses. Have I mentioned that I'm good with buttons, hooks, zips and buckles as well as a whole assortment of other fastenings? I can be very...handy. ;)
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My adoring people, I, Brytta Léofa, return.

I'd call it the second coming, but you know, I'm a multiple orgasm kind of guy.
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